Hi there!  My name is Jeanetta and I am the owner and founder of the Webcontessa!  To describe myself in a few short words, I would like to say that I am an entrepeneur at heart!  I am multi talented and this is why this website offers a variety of services.

I started my company - The Webcontessa in March of 2007!  At that time this website was based only on ecommerce data entry for small businesses all over the world.  I love building online stores and helping business owners maintain their stores, etc!  I work in just about every content management system you can think of.

I now also, offer on this website my local residential and commercial cleaning information! Please bare with me on this, business cards, website etc are all in the works. I grew popular and decided to take my cleaning (gig) to another level! I told you I am an entrepenuer at heart! I have been serving all of Indianapolis and all surrounding areas and I am now licensed, bonded and insured and offer also another array of services.

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